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Queens County Fair Sponsors

We would like to extend our thanks to the following individuals and businesses that help to make this fair a success. The kind support of our sponsors enables the fair to have a variety of events and entertainment for all of us to enjoy within the community, and for this we extend our gratitude.

posted: 22nd Aug 2022


Canadian Heritage (BCAH)
Region pf Queens Municipality (Capital Grant)
NS Department of Agriculture
NS Development Fund (Built Heritage)
NS Community Recreation (CRCG)


Freeman’s Lumber
vanDyk Blueberries
vanDyk Excavation & Truckin
Jonathan Roach
RSR Wood Products
Mike Conway
Ronnie Uhlman
Nicholas Weare, Firewood
GE’s All Trucking
Bryant Crouse
Doris Atkins


Nick Stewart Cement

Sponsors ( $500.00 & OVER )

Liverpool Lions Club
Belliveau & Veinot Accountants
Mary Lake Home Hardware
R & C Weare Logging
Green Diamond Equipment
Frank Gavel minkery
Community Metal
Cooke’s Aquaculture
Thermalite Insulation
Vincent & LauraCroft (Lone Wolfe Logging)

Sponsors ( $300.00 & over )

Caledonia PharmaChoice
Caledonia Cloverfarm
South Shore Chev
New Grafton Cattle Company
vanDyk Blueberries
Nicholas Weare Firewood

Sponsors ( $200.00 & Over )

Balcom Resources Inc.
vanDyk Excavation & Truckin
Chandlers Funeral Service
Charles Ingram Construction
Saunders Motors
Brent Silver (Taylor & Silver Law)
Silvers Garage
Trot in Time Carriage Tours
ShurGain Feeds N’ Needs
Route 8 Automotive
Cindy Wamboldt ( Skyline Stables)

Sponsors ( $100.00 & 0VER )

Ward Weare Forestry
Employment Solutions
Brian Uhlman Silviculture & Excavation
Stephen & Brody Fullerton
Bridgewater Farmers Co-op
Roddie Benoit Equine Services
Cara Ryan
Evan Avery
Winchester Disposal
Gerhardt’s Property Improvement
Clarence Farm Services
Brett Henley Construction
South Shore Ready Mix
LaHave River Credit Union
Pizza Delight
Dave’s Vaccum
BowlMore Lanes
Kevin Minnick & Family
John Tufts Carpentry
Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers
Winchester Disposal
KDRogers Well Drilling
Bridgewater Ready Mix
Ward Weare Logging
Gow’s Home Hardware
Danny Carey Co-op Insurance
LeQuille General Store
Cara Ryan
Janie & Joey Ryan
Myra & Max Holdright
Jonathan Roach
Ronnie Uhlman
Jeff Smith
Leigh Merry
Cindy Wamboldt (Skyline Stables)
Purina Feeds
Scotian Gold
Patrick & Christina MacDonald ( Blurred Out Barbering)
Bruce Doucette in Memory of Sharon Doucett

Sponsors (UNDER $100.00 )

Paul & Gail Fancy
Gilford & Donna Kempton In Memory of Mom & Dad
Doug Merry
Hatt’s Car Sales
RSR Wood Products
Phillip Ingram
Toddy Mansfield
DeMones Monuments
Larissa Croft
Atlantic Stockyards
Vince & Laura Croft Lone Wolf Logging
Wade & Jane Joudrey
Avon Croft A Croft Forestry
Cavendish Agri Services
Soarsa Equestrian Center
New Germany Small Engine
Terrianne Feetham MT Nest Farm
Briggs & Little Woolens
Ainsley Atkins & Tiffany Robar
South Shore Veterinary Services
Tessa Atkins
Brown Bros Construction
Janie & Joey Ryan
Annapolis Home Hardware
LeQuille Pizza Shop
Best Western Liverpool
Ronna Young in Memory of Dick Hatt
Shelley Conrad In Memory of Chester Conrad
Gilford & Donna Kempton
Carolyn Conrad
Junior Tufts
Larry & Travis Forrest
Maritime Ox Association
Brook/Laine Tufts
Valerie & Larry Merry
Murray DeMond
Wilma & Tom Shupe
Judy Frail
Garnet & Judy Merry
Benson, Cheryl Frail & Family
Wendy Grant & Rick Swain
John & Doreen Holdright
Velda Forrest
Rhonda Fader
Everett Henley
Marina & Wendy Mailman
Iona Charlton
Neil & Karen Woodworth
Carolyn Tufts
Julie & Stephen Whynot
Debbie & William Kempton
Harriet Hirtle
Lori & Ivan Uhlman
Heather Whynot
Janie & Brian (Memory of Norman Robar)
Jacqueline Maillet
Isabella Corkum & Skylar Robar
Olivia & Memphis Robar
The Robar Family (In Memory of Stanley Haines)
Kassidee Kempton
Terriann Lingley
Jessica Smith
Laura Martin
Cindy Ginnette
Denise Peach (In Memory of Bruce Peach)


In Loving Memory of Danny Taylor – Husband, Father, Grandfather and friend to all
In Memory of Andy Seldon - Wilma & Tom, Odea & Brad, Jessie & Charlotte
In Memory of Bruce Peach - Carolyn Conrad

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